Fashion and Technology - Fashion Week on BTR


Photo by Franny Schertzer.

As NYC’s esteemed “Fashion Week” of 2011 comes to an end, many have entertained their sense of style through various fashions that have been influenced through society’s view of what is “in”. However, items other than pieces of clothing can also be considered to be an accessory to fashion. For example, various forms of technology such as iPads, MP3 players, and cellular devices are critical to one’s sense of personal style. Not only does the actual device speak volumes about the individual using them but also the social media outlets that they utilize through these devices.

Social media crazes such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Google+ have been utilized by many designers to promote their upcoming lines and products, and to keep their enthusiasts up to date on what’s occurring within the company. For instance, Brian Morrissey of AdWeek reported about how the revered fashion brand of Coach has reached out to media outlets to promote their “Poppy” line: “Coach leaned on Facebook to launch Poppy a year ago. It tapped into its fan base — now nearly 1 million — and gave its Facebook fans a gift when they visited the store. In post-launch research, store managers reported many customers said they initially heard of the line from Facebook,” Morrissey reported.

These same social outlets have also allowed users to express their style especially through sites like Tumblr. Tumblr is a blog-style website service that allows the individual to upload links, pictures, music, videos, quotes and other information to their page that usually defines their individual character. Twitter, on the other hand, allows a person to verbally express who they are by informing their “followers” about their whereabouts, what they are currently up to, and their interests. Twitter has been a great source about the current trends in fashion through their “trending topics” allowing tweeters to stay abreast on the do’s and don’ts of the styles of today.

Technology has rapidly become a part of the fashion world. In fact, if one doesn’t posses a particular make or brand of a gadget, they may be considered as not being hip to what’s hot. In reference to cellular devices, the majority of today’s generation can be seen walking around conversing on Androids, BlackBerries, Evo’s and iPhones. If a person were to be seen with a sidekick, or a flip-phone fashion enthusiasts will categorize such individuals as “unfashionable” and stuck in a fashion time warp. IPads have also become a staple in fashion as more and more people have purchased the item, leaving the appeal of actual computers and laptops somewhat void. The iPad seems to have even replaced backpacks as more school districts are turning to tablets to save money on textbooks.

Fashionable accessories for these gadgets have become increasingly popular as well. Skins are used now to decorate and design laptops, cell phones, mp3 players and more. Skins are a thin vinyl cover that protects gadgets from getting scratched up or tampered with. Many fashion labels have created accessories for these items as part of their lines to promote the use and popularity of both the device, and the name of the brand.

It seems as though everything these days have both influenced and be influenced by the world of fashion. As time progresses, one can only tell what new form of technology will leave their mark on the fashion world.

Written by: Audrey Nyarko