Rock Over London - Weakerthans


It had been about 8 years since I last saw the Weakerthans. They had a different bass player, it was somewhere in Canada and I was probably there for work. They are what I would call a “truly Canadian” band, they sing about curling, bleak Prairie scenes, hockey and their hometown Winnipeg. Describing their sound is difficult, it’s a bit folk, a bit punk (John K was once in Propaghandi), poetic and political at the same time.

They began their career in 1997, 4 studio albums later, a live album, full length documentary and 14 years of live shows they are still in a good place. Having sold out the Garage (600 capacity) I was quite surprised with how many fans the band has in this city and it wasn’t all ex-Canadians. There were actual British people in the audience who could sing along to all the songs and with about 3 encores it was a successful night. My friend Rusty was even along as 5th Weakerthan playing trumpet, extra guitar and keyboard.

I have a thing about friends having “cool” (e.g. geeky and Canadian) tattoos. My friend Scott Ingram (the original Scott Pilgrim) has the “CA” = Chartered Accountant logo tattooed on his arm with flames coming off of it. I used to think it was the funniest thing I had ever seen. Well to add to my collection of friends with ace tattoos here is Rusty’s Manitoba province outline with a heart where Winnipeg is (can you guess where he lives??)

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