Rock Over London - Shimmering Stars


I had the pleasure of watching and interviewing Vancouver 3-piece Shimmering Stars last night who are over on their first trip to the UK / Europe right now. They’ve got one more date in London, Friday August 26 at the Shacklewell Arms – PLEASE GO if you are in London. They’re the nicest dudes and their music is so dreamy and full of wonderful hooks and melodies.

I have a soft spot for the band, being originally from Vancouver myself. The video above has got to be one of the saddest videos I’ve ever seen, I almost wanted to cry at the end, but I love the fact it’s shot in Strathcona and around East Vancouver. They also have a song called East Van Girls with references to the Value Village on Hastings Street. Even if you’ve never been to Vancouver, you’ll appreciate this band. Trust me. Constantly referenced to the Everly Brothers (who I love) you can’t go wrong really…

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