Rock Over London - RICH AUCOIN


It finally happened. I finally saw the wonder that is Rich Aucoin live, a bicycling enthusiast, stobe-light loving, dancing music machine. All the things about Rich Aucoin I had heard were true.

His set starts with an instrumental track along with video projected slogans across the back wall, slogans like “London is the best!” “The Old Queen’s Head is gonna rock tonight” etc but then it got weird and the slogans got more personal like “Mar Sellars is the woman” and I was like wtf!?! How did he make a video with MY name in it?? But it goes on and he used all the promoters names, people on his guest list and other bands involved in the show. It’s a really cool personal way to start the show and gives props to the people involved in the show and who’ve helped Rich. Hell it made me smile seeing my name and blog’s name up there! Rock Over London got mentioned about 3 times.

With live drummer PEI native Joel Waddell, Rich launched into his assault (aka live show) on the crowd. He had a portable strobe light, confetti, videos, crowd participation (he gets everyone to sing the choruses to all his songs) but the best was the parachute. “Do you remember playing parachute in elementary school?” he says. “Hell yeah” I think, that was one of my favourite memories ever from school. Rich brings out a rainbow coloured parachute and gets the crowd to hold on to it in a circle we all raise it up and get underneath it making a multi-coloured tent with him dancing in the middle with his strobe.

I was exhausted by the end of his set (he does make you jump up and down quite a bit!!). One of the most open and friendliest things I’d seen in a while was at the very end Rich puts up his personal mobile number on the projection and says if you like his music text him and he will send you a zip file of it all for free. This man isn’t even trying to sell a product. He’s giving away music, good vibes, confetti and a party. So worth it. I’d recommend booking him for any party or club night.

via Rock Over London