Raven Sings The Blues - Torlesse Super Group


It’s always nice when smart, capable musicians find each other and amplify their already impressive impulses. Such is the case with Torlesse Super Group, the duo of New Zealand musicians Roy Mongomery and Nick Guy. Montomery’s name may be familiar to some through his collaborations with Liz Harris of Grouper and he brings his deft string work to this project aided ably by Mr. Guy’s rumbling tones. Guy will certainly be less familiar to most, with his roots as a sound archivist for Radio New Zealand and the National Library of New Zealand. He’s also an accomplished electronic musician in his own right and here the two minds explore territory that wanders from wasteland ambience to high plateau guitar meditations and into the wake of shuddering bass beats. The album moves between modes fluidly and snaking from the last aching tones of drone into a hammered beat before twisting it all away in oscillating waves of sonar. Definitely not a release for the timid but a rewarding listen for those with the right set of ears.

[MP3] Torlesse Super Group – Strata Speak

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