Watch the Vintage & Romantic Video for SARASON's Debut Single "Let's Make Room"

SARASON, one of the newest members to Dala Records, is coming at you with his sultry debut single “Let’s Make Room.”

Reminiscent of Al Green or Marvin Gaye, SARASON has set a romantic foundation for himself as a musician. Now, he pairs the song with a dreamy music video filmed on 16mm. The romantic vintage vibe and dimmed lighting instantly make you fall in love. The track fills your ears with gentle, slow, satisfying melodies  and loving, yearning vocals sure to make your heart throb. You don’t stand a chance.

“[This song] feels both personal and spacious for me, intimate and lush [and] I wanted that same feeling to come through in the video,” SARASON says.”The 16mm film was mind-blowing when I first saw it back—like vintage instruments, some older pieces of technology still have a certain character to them that can’t be replicated digitally and the result is something that feels timeless and beautiful to me.”

Fall in love with SARASON and be the first to watch “Let’s Make Room” below. Plus, purchase his debut album, Reflections of Self, here!

SARASON, “Let’s Make Room”