Watch the Video for "...Sucks" the Debut Single from Wild Powwers' Upcoming Album

Washington State gutter punks Wild Powwers kick off their upcoming album as gritty, grungy, and dark with “…Sucks.”

The punk-grunge song is heavy in meaning and distortion. The wall of fuzz smacks you in the face while the foreboding lyrics keep you on your feet. It’s a song that wakes you up both mentally and physically.

“[The song] is about the struggle to find self-respect and self-worth—it can be easy to sacrifice those things when you can momentarily feel valued by someone who doesn’t value you at all,” frontwoman Lara Hilgemann says. “The more you repeat the pattern of tearing yourself down, the more the people around you see it as being okay to do so as well.”

If you haven’t felt strong enough to cut that negative person out of your life quite yet, Wild Powwers will definitely help you conjure up the courage needed to do so. Be the first to listen to “…Sucks” below and catch their new album What You Wanted—out  April 23.