Watch the Sopranos-Inspired Music Video for Grady Strange's "Karma's a Gun"

Growing up in New Jersey on mafia shows and movies surrounded by Italian family members, Grady Strange has fantasized about this script since he was little. Now, after a quarantine filled with binge-watching The Sopranos and Goodfellas, the “Karma’s a Gun” music video comes fully equipped with cigars, homemade meatball subs, and even lighting a guy on fire.

“Growing up in Jersey between Point Pleasant and Asbury Park with a full blood Italian/wild chef of a grandpa, it was only a matter of time before I stopped running and fully embraced my roots as a surf guido,” Strange says. “Between our friend Kinsey having access to a deli and a convertible, my partner being a stylist, and my friend Ben being a stunt person, I knew we could pull off a proper, respectful ode to the motherland. P.S., Kinsey’s grandpa still makes the meatballs for the sub [featured in the video] every morning, and it’s messed up [good], Old World deli, hit it.”

Written out of frustration for the overall system, Strange recorded the song in his kitchen on a four-track machine he got for $15 from the owner of CBGB’s yard sale. “Karma’s a Gun” gives off an instant rock ‘n’ roll classic vibe, with a thrashing melody that keeps you hooked. The track is just as energetic and fun as the mafia film-inspired music video.

“Karma’s a Gun” is the first single off Strange’s upcoming debut LP Getting Stranger. The album comes out July 21 on Perpetual Doom and you can pre-order it here.

Now, take the gun and leave the cannoli and be the first to watch Grady Strange’s video for “Karma’s a Gun” below.