Watch Real Life Unravel in Sharkswimmer's New Video for "Folding"

Sharkswimmer frontman Justin Buschardt bares it all with in the video for “Folding.”

The music video shows footage Buschardt started compulsively shooting of his life, starting years ago until now. It unravels a huge life transition of a decade-long relationship coming to an end, life during a pandemic beginning, and even shots from NYC Black Lives Matter protests.

“This song is ultimately about loss and finding ways to understand the uncertainty of a life you’ve shared with someone coming to an end,” Buschardt says. “The black and white single shot footage sprinkled throughout the video was shot two years before at my 33rd birthday, [and it’s] meant to share what life was like before everything began to change, almost like a dream. I feel as though many people who watch this can hopefully find ways to relate their own experience [or] forms of loss throughout this last year.”

Kicking off with a catchy riff, “Folding” is an emotional journey not only in its video but also in its melody. Buschardt’s vocals feel cathartic in tone—comparable to a pop-punk version of Orville Peck’s voice. The instrumentation is rocking and thrashing, giving off garage rock/grunge vibes.

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Sharkswimmer – “Folding” Official Music Video from Justin Buschardt on Vimeo.