Watch Jess Rosa Thrash Around NYC In New Music Video for "Refrained"

Hearts can get stuck on a person in a place. It’s not fun, it’s exhausting, and it really tears you apart inside.

Newly NYC-based musician Jess Rosa is no stranger to those feelings and captures them perfectly in her newest track, ‘Refrained.'”

Rosa moved to NYC from Oahu, Hi. just this past fall. She’d left everything behind, including a romance. The city that never sleeps is distracting and full of excitement, but only to a certain point. Rosa found herself unable to detach her heart from Oahu. Eventually, however, she had an epiphany—and thus, the song “Refrained” was born.

“I met people here in the city that I could have been potentially in a relationship with but it ended up just not working out [and] when it didn’t work out my mind went back to thinking about the person from back home and how I was refrained from truly letting myself move on—I was in a sense numb to the current situations not working out because my heart was somewhere else,” she says. “I then had a mindset switch and told myself that I don’t need another person to help me get over my feelings, I don’t want to be anyone’s new ‘bitch’ or ‘girlfriend,’ I just want to live presently, here.”

Thrashing around on NYC rooftops and through the subway, Rosa shouts along to a gritty melody that’s catchy yet unmistakably punk rock. The distorted guitar along with the throbbing drums feels like a badass rebirth, but still somehow in a hopeless romantic way.

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