VISSIA Shows Us Her Moves & Glam in Video for "On My Mind"

Whatever you’re doing, stop. Right now. A choreographed dance with wardrobe changes to a disco-inspired song is what you desperately need.

“On My Mind” is the newest single from Candian pop artist VISSIA from her upcoming album With Pleasure out March 19. Your heart will along with every disco-infused beat in this song, and soon enough you won’t be able to help getting up and moving your body to each lyric laid down. VISSIA’s dancing on stage and her several glamorous outfit changes really add to the optimism and excitement of this upbeat track. “On My Mind” is expressly about love and what we love about love, and it’s perfect for dancing and letting your heart be free.

“I knew I wanted to be dancing in the ‘On My Mind’ music video—the song was begging for it,” VISSIA says. “We were able to come up with a concept that really encapsulates the playful theatricality of a day spent daydreaming about that person you just can’t stop thinking about.”

Be the first to listen and watch VISSIA’s “On My Mind” below.

VISSIA, “On My Mind”