Vibe with the Premiere of Worthitpurchase's "Prospect Heights" Video

The West Coast indie duo’s newest track “Prospect Heights” creates a world of wonderment that’s easy to get lost in.

From their upcoming debut album Dizzy Age, “Prospect Heights” is a creative take on a lyric video that holds your hands through basic city scenery and action weighted with emotion. Between the soothing melodies and introspective lyrics, you follow a person going about their day while keeping their thoughts inside. What are they thinking? We may never know, but Worthitpurchase reveals just how easy it is to get lost in your own nostalgia, even while just running errands.

Listen to Worthitpurchase’s moody new track and watch the video for “Prospect Heights” below. Plus, pre-order Dizzy Age here, out Oct. 2!

Worthitpurchase, “Prospect Heights”