Two Songs, One Video Premiere from Indie Rockers Art Contest

Give yourself a 10-minute break from the chaos pandemic life and let Art Contest entertain you. The Athens, Ga. natives have combined their two songs “Brain Option” and “Underwater & Hopeful” to give you one music video. The experimental beats with ear-worming melodies set to different rolling landscapes and squares of live music is the escapism you need right now.

“‘Brain Option’ is Art Contest’s credo and a reference point for our past, present, and future,” frontman Cole Monroe says. “‘Underwater & Hopeful,’ received at the surface, is some advice on not drowning.”

Be the first to watch and hear Art Contest’s “Brain Option/Underwater & Hopeful” below and snag their upcoming album Fit Pitcher on Nov. 6.

Art Contest, “Brain Option” and “Underwater & Hopeful”