Turner Cody & The Soldiers of Love Create the Newest Sad Cowboy Anthem with "Boozing and Losing"

Thoroughly heartbreaking and badass, St. Louis-based Turner Cody & The Soldiers of Love perfectly capture that lovesick blues old-school country musicians like Hank Williams Sr., Waylon Jennings, and George Jones were so well known for.

Sad echoing slides down the guitar kick-off “Boozing and Losing,” the newest single from the group’s upcoming album Friends In High Places. The video switches from frontman Turner Cody stepping into a dimly lit honky-tonk to him singing with the band on a smokey stage, vocals start to come in—”Bleeding through my eyes/ doing all I can…” While other alcohol-soaked characters cascade through the melody in the video, Cody continues: “yesterday’s gone up in smoke/ tomorrow’s hard to find/ I’m just boozing and losing my mind.” The track conveys a certain desperation in its sound, telling the story of a sad cowboy giving in to his tragic circumstance.

“I wrote most of this tune sitting in my car on my breaks while delivering for Vinnie’s Pizza in Greenpoint [Brooklyn, Ny.],” Cody says. “I live in St Louis now, but I miss the Polish and German beer in Ridgewood [Queens, Ny.]—you can’t get that stuff in the Midwest.”

Be the first to watch Turner Cody and The Soldiers of Love’s “Boozing and Losing” below, and keep an eye out for Friends In High Places, out June 4.