Travel Out of this World with Sunday State's "Junior Spacecraft"

Let’s skip the countdown and go straight to the lift-off: Sunday State, the Portland, Or.-based rockers have released their fourth single from their upcoming self-titled debut and it’s as powerful as rocket fuel.

“Junior Spacecraft” is a grungy garage rock number with melodic hints of pop-punk. It feels like it’s reaching deep down to a place you didn’t know existed inside you and it’s created its own universe. About a DIY astronaut on the spectrum, it tells a hopeful, yet tragic story accompanied by catchy guitar riffs, haunting vocals, and hard-hitting drums.

“Some folks just aren’t meant for this world [and] Junior is one of them,” singer Kurt Foster says about the track. “From birth, he ran a spectrum ranging from sticky sweetness to dark-hooded wielder of doom [and] an obsession with other worlds and a lack of companionship drove him to build a rocket to discover something more. Instead, he found himself crashed, overheated, and incarcerated.”

Foster, along with longtime friend Michael Carothers, recently started Sunday State after realizing their strong musical collab connection. Then they recruited fellow long-time Portland musicians Jeremy Dietz (Mission Spotlight) on bass, Thom Sullivan (The Pynnacles) on drums, and Steve Turner (Mudhoney/Green River) on guitar. Sunday State keeps things feet-tap-able, while kicking it up a notch with fuzz and lyrics you can’t help but chant along to.

Be the first to listen to “Junior Spacecraft” from the self-titled debut album, out April 2 on Snappy Little Numbers below—pre-order here!