Tony Vaz Battles Between Idealism & Reality in New Song "Crushed Red"

Queens, N.Y.-based musician Tony Vaz brings dueling instrumentation and introspective vocals to the table with his new single “Crushed Red.”

Combing feelings of melancholy and hopefulness, Vaz’s “Crushed Red” provides a song encouraging its listeners to explore everything they’ve ever believed in. Melodically, he shines a light on introspection. It’s okay to doubt yourself, believe in yourself, and even drastically change your mind. But it’s also important to be empathic towards others while doing so.

“This song grew out of the tension I feel between my idealism and the facts of the world I live in,” Vaz says. “I wanted to represent that in the instrumentation of the track, with the lush strings and sax contrasting the character of my voice. The vocal melody was improvised during a late-night recording session and everything else was built on top of it.”

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