This Spring's Must-Hear Underground Album Releases

It was a brutally cold winter, which probably means summer is gonna be brutally hot. So this year, it’s time to really get all your best days in the spring!

Throw on a light jacket, pack a picnic, and go enjoy the sunshine before it becomes so humid and gross outside you wish it were snowing again. Along with the lovely weather, spend this spring hyping up bands that you don’t see in the top 40s because we all know the Grammys and celebrity-overrun awards and institutions are rigged.

So many awesome underground artists are coming out with new albums this spring and you just gotta have a listen. Check out some of our favorite soon-to-be-released spring baby albums out below!


Sunny War, Simple Syrup

(out March 26—pre-order here!)


Mackenzie Shivers, Rejection Letter

(out April 2—pre-order here!)



(out April 16—pre-order here!)


queen mars, trust issues

(out April 9—pre-order here!)


Marion Raw, Deep Cuts

(out April 19—stream singles here!)


Los Esplifs, ESTRAIK BACK!

(out April 20—stream singles here!)


Alan Vega, Mutator

(out April 23—pre-order here!)


Ben Katzman’s DeGreaser, Astrology 101

(out April 23—pre-order here!)


Phoneboy, self-titled

(out April 23—pre-order here!)


Paul Jacob, Pink Dogs on the Green Grass

(out April 30—pre-order here!)


Night Beats, Outlaw R&B

(out May 7—pre-order here!)


Bandits on the Run, Now Is The time

(out May 21—pre-order here!)


Bachelor (Jay Som & Palehound), Doomin’ Sun

(out May 28—pre-order here!)


Wyldest, Monthly Friend

(out May 28—pre-order here!)