The Unders' Create Cool-Guy Anthem with "He Combs His Hair & He Brushes His Teeth"

Lock eyes with that masked stranger passing you on the street or sitting across from you on the train—this song by NYC’s The Unders will play through your mind when you do.

“I built out the lyrics imagining this cool-looking guy on the subway, a well-dressed dude with headphones on, bobbing his head, you know?” says frontman Michael Zadick. “I might not know him, but he’s not so different than me, or anyone else, because at some point during his day he has to comb his hair and brush his teeth.”

The track is true-blue gritty garage rock, enveloping you in layers of fuzz while keeping a steady cool-guy beat. Be the first to listen to “He Combs His Hair & He Brushes His Teeth” below!

King Pizza Records · The Unders – He Combs His Hair & He Brushes His Teeth