The Spyrals Stay True-Blue Rock 'n' Roll In "Don't Turn Me Down"

If you’ve felt less than lively lately, this song will fill you with the energy you need to find a new love for life.

The Spyrals are coming in hot with the thrasher blues tunes, their fresh take on a vintage rock ‘n’ roll sound. “Don’t Turn Me Down” is a romantic yet gritty melody, fully equipped with lovable bad boy material like a steady hit of the hi-hat, fuzzy licks of the guitar, and heartbreaking distorted vocals.

“‘Don’t Turn Me Down’ is about wanting something that’s probably going to be hard to hold on to for very long,” the band members all agree.

Below, be the first to listen to “Don’t Turn Me Down” rrom The Spyrals’ upcoming album Same Old Line, out Oct. 30 on Fuzz Club Records.