The Mistons Share "Transmission," A Track Inspired By Misfits & Space

Raspy vocals and thrashing music wraps around your head and wakes you up in The Mistons’ newest track, “Transmission.”

Written for all the misfits out there in the world, The Mistons are here to tell you you’re not alone. Using a transmission from someone lost in deep space as an example of feeling alone, “Transmission” rocks hard while phoning home. Raspy shouts bursting with passion and gritty distorted guitars and drums create a melody that makes you wanna headbang till stars are circling around your head.

“[‘Transmission’ is] a call from the edge of the universe, for some forgotten soul, stuck on an alien planet just waiting for a voice to remind you of your humanness,” frontman Sean Croghan says. “Sure, I wrote it like a sci-fi drama but I see it play out every day—the forgotten, the unseen, and unheard, ‘Come in, come in! Can anybody hear me?’ That’s what it all about.”

From the upcoming album World Of Convenience (out May 21), be the first to listen to The Mistons’ “Transmission” below.