T.V.O.D. Navigates the Afterlife in New Music Video for "Heaven"

Look around. You see an ominous setting with roses in the ground, eerily standing straight up. Everything is a dark purple and grey. Where are you? You’re in the new music video from NYC punk rockers T.V.O.D.

The premiering single “Heaven” showers you in catchy chords and distortion that make you want to jump up and down and thrash your head around. The music video transports you to an unknown realm where the veil between life and death is thin and confusion and chaos run amok.

“I wanted to take the viewer into this vision I had while locked inside during quarantine,” frontman Tyler Wright says. “I was thinking a lot about death and what the afterlife could be like—somehow it made sense to me that the way to St. Peter’s gate could be just as much of a struggle as life itself.”

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