Super City & Natural Velvet's Corynne Ostermann Combine Forces to Cover X-Ray Spex's "I Am A Poseur"

Poly Styrene, frontwoman for the classic ’70s punk band X-Ray Spex, loved to sing about her hate for consumerism. Their song “I Am A Poseur,” originally released in 1978, is a classic example where she calls out society. She chants “I am a poser and I don’t care,” and though the sarcasm is there, Styrene makes it blatantly clear that everyone is a hypocrite or a poser.

Several decades later that mantra is both a punk rock anthem and still a very true social fact. We’re all posers. And Baltimore punk rockers Super City along with Natural Velvet‘s Corynne Ostermann are here to remind us of that with a cover of this classic thrasher.

“Everyone’s a poseur and we’re no exception,” Super City vocalist/guitarist Dan Ryan says. “This is our attempt at updating a perfect recording and we brought in Corynne to help make it more explosive.”

Perfectly capturing the essence of rough and gritty ’70’s street punk, Super City and Ostermann give X-Ray Spex’s “I Am A Poseur” a fresh breath of air. With Ostermann keeping the vocals in the tune of wild and chaotic Styrene, and Super City rocking at with just as much energy and anger as X-Ray Spex, this cover (unlike many others) does the classic track true justice.

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