Sumeau's New Track "Samsara" Befriends the Reaper

Living life afraid to die is no way to live at all—dreamy L.A.-based psych-rockers Sumeau help you confront any thanatophobia you might have.

“We exist in a culture dominated by fear, but I think living with an awareness of death can free us to make wiser choices about the kind of world we want to leave behind,” lead singer Kat Primeau tells BTRtoday. “‘Samsara’ is meant to elicit that awareness, a dreamy, swirling journey towards the great unifier that is death, in all its horror, randomness, beauty, and wonder in order to be receptive to the needs of this present moment in human history.” 

Shimmering guitar, background whispers, trippy melodies, and robust-yet-flowery vocals collide to burst you into a colorful cloud of music that is “Samsara.” Lyrically, you’re brought face-to-face with the grim reaper—but instead of running away, you start to understand.

Be the first to listen to Sumeau’s “Samsara” below, coming from their sophomore album This Is Not A Dream (out Nov. 13).

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