Stay Home With Your Loved Ones & Listen to Family Dinner's New Song "Eyes"

The world is pretty familiar with staying home at this point in the pandemic. But do you remember how it felt when you’d get home from a long day and your dog would jump into your arms, your cat would purr around your legs, or your loved one would give you a big ‘ole smooch? Family Dinner does and has a song to prove it.

“It’s a love song for our cats, Iommi and Leatherface—it’s about the connection you have with your pets, how they patiently wait for you every time you leave the house, and how when you’re out you’d just rather be at home with them,” frontwoman Natalie Simonelli says. “I have them in mind whenever I sing it but I hope it reminds the listener of their own pets or person they just can’t wait to get home to see.”

The rockin’ second single from Family Dinner’s upcoming EP, You’re So Cool, gives off grungy ’90s rock vibes—think Hole, Garbage, and Nirvana. It’s distorted catchy melody will have you dancing around and appreciating the person you’re stuck with in quarantine.

Before the first to listen to and check out the visualizer for “Eyes” below and keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming EP, You’re So Cool out Feb. 12!

Family Dinner, “Eyes”