Spiral into the Addictive New Video for "Johnny Got Lost" by Extra Special

Synth-driven with a catchy melody and a tinge of melancholy, Amelia Bushell—aka Extra Special—is releasing a song that’s been with her for over a decade.

“Johnny Got Lost” is a catchy tune that has everything from distorted guitar to disco electro. Bushell began the writing the process as an 18-year-old stoner. She found a vintage synth at a Salvation Army store, started writing the song, and it’s stuck with her ever since.

“I brought this synthesizer everywhere, and one day on our way to the beach to get stoned I played it for a couple of friends in the car [and] they were all really into it. It was during this period I really started to get into writing my own songs,” Bushell says. “I never forgot the words and melody to ‘Johnny Got Lost’ so I figured that was my cue to finish it off 10 years later and here we are—a song written over a decade.”

Now, the song has matured and is ready to leave the coop along with a music video also created by Bushell. The video shows a man swirling from one bad habit to another, a plague of addictions if you will. All accompanied by the catchy “Johnny Got Lost”—it might be a tragic story, but the song keeps you groovin’.

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