Spin Around with The Record Summer's Video Premiere for "White Dress"

The Record Summer, a music project from Bret Rodysill, kicks off 2021 with a fun music video and album announcement for Lay It Bare, which comes out March 5 on Bodan Kuma Recordings. But you don’t have to wait that long, because we’ve got your first taste of the LP with the new music video for “White Dress.”

Close your eyes and remember the days when you were able to dance up close and personal in a room that always felt like it was spinning. Bursting with romance and disco-infused melodies, “White Dress” will put you in the best of moods to take on whatever else 2021 wants to throw at us in its first few weeks. Press play and use the song to jam out and forget your troubles or use it to pump you up to face your troubles head-on. Either way, “White Dress” has us super excited for The Record Summer’s Lay It Bare—and you should be too.

“White Dress” is a party-ready song, but its lyrical subject makes it more than just a simple dance track. “[It’s] about the juxtapositions that occur during a marriage,” Rodysill says. “How you bounce from a grandiose day with a gorgeous dress to absolute boredom and exercises with self-control—the question of spending the rest of your life with somebody versus standing with the sun shining in your hair, bright and beautiful.”

Be the first to watch “White Dress” from The Record Summer’s upcoming album Lay It Bare (out 3/5) below!

The Record Summer, “White Dress”