Soul Honey Records Runs From the Law This Halloween With "Motel Six"

This Halloween, drench yourself in fuzzy guitars, ear-bursting drums, and distorted vocals chanting about a lawbreaking man and his family with Soul Honey Records’ “Motel Six.”

The Chicago-based music project is spearheaded by multi-instrumentalist Andrew Christopoulos. He got together with buds Sean Burke (Friday Pilots Club/Sir Mango) and Tommaso Veronesi (David Quinn/TOMMASO) to mess around and make some beats but instead came up with a song that’s a dark and suspenseful thriller.

“Our initial intent was to work on a beat-based song,” Christopoulos says. “But Sean was super hungover and he kept picking up the Fender Bass IV and would jokingly play what would become the main riff to ‘Motel 6.'”

The track keeps you at the edge of your seat rooting for someone you can’t figure out is the protagonist or the antagonist. Either way, it definitely pumps you up for this Halloween, whether you’re going social distancing somewhere or just partying in your living room.

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Soul Honey Records · Motel Six