Soar in Claymation with the Video Premiere for Sloane's "Down From Here"

Sometimes it’s just impossible to feel happy, even if you’re handed happiness on a silver platter, but that’s ok. Jazzy pop musician Nick Rosen, aka Sloane, knows that feeling and expresses it in “Down From Here.”

“Sometimes I just don’t understand how other people can be so happy when I really feel like I have something broken in me,” Rosen says. “So if people are telling me that I’m on the top, I can only come down from here.”

Rosen put his expertise in jazz and professional music production to use in “Down From Here.” The track is beautifully arranged, with intricate instrumentation and soothing vocals. Some people might be privileged with an immediate appreciation of a wonderful situation, but many people struggle with finding that beauty. Sloane is here to tell you you’re not alone.

The video for “Down From Home” shows a claymation version of Sloane soaring through the sky searching for that happiness everyone seems to be beaming with. Be the first to watch it below.

Sloane “Down From Here”