Silverware Serves An Epically Messy Meal for New "Important" Music Video

San Francisco-based artist Ainsley Wagoner, aka Silverware, provides all your important food groups with the music video for “Important.” You’ve got your protein, veggies, cakes, ice cream sandwiches, and lots more goodies getting gobbled up by hands and feet. And even though you’re surrounded by food, Silverware makes music the main sustenance in this video.

While you watch hands rip apart peaches and feet step all over sweet baked goods, even sweeter vocals fill you up with lyrics about feeling important once again.

“‘Important’ was written in one sitting, in a very potent mood,” Wagoner says. “I’d been blind-sided by the loss of something from which I’d derived a lot of self-worth and I was thinking about how susceptible we all are to investing in people and things that don’t care about us, because we hope to be momentarily lifted up.”

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