Ryan Von Gonten Addresses Toxic Masculinity In Newest Track "Burned Orange"

When you close your eyes and think of a “man,” what comes to mind? It might be hard to navigate your own thoughts with toxic masculinity ingrained in everyone’s head just from being raised in this society. Oakland, Calif.-based artist Ryan Von Gonten gives you a perspective on how this is a very real thing.

“While writing ‘Burned Orange’ I was thinking about my experience with masculinity,” Von Gonten says. “I was never very good at being tough and was especially challenged as I grew up playing Texas football.”

The intricate instrumentation creates a detailed melody over soothing vocals that feel as if they’re on a soundwave going through every mind in the world. “Burned Orange” is a soothing indie track that addresses a very serious and, unfortunately, underestimated issue in our society.

From Von Goten’s upcoming sophomore album Painfulfree (out on vinyl March 26 via Mint Mall Records), the record includes performances from fellow artists such as Andrew Stevens on drums (Hovvdy, Lomelda), Matt Oliver on guitar (Sound Team, Hamilton Leithauser), Cory Todd on bass (Katie Von Schleicher), and more.

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