Risley Share New Single "Calico" After Almost Scratching It Entirely From the Upcoming Album

Portland, Ore. four-piece Risley is gearing up to release their sophomore LP Meantime Fades next month. And they’re getting listeners pumped with their newest single “Calico.”

Almost three minutes long, “Calico” is an energetic track that really folds in all the different genres that Risley taps into. Distorted garage rock guitar—with a hint of Americana in its melody—paired with post-punk chanting vocals give us a track that really shows us what Risley can do.

“We love it—it’s really fun to play and easy to listen to,” frontman Michael Deresh says. “The song is about watching really amazing people fail to get their shit together,”

Though the four musicians love the new single, it actually almost didn’t make the cut for the upcoming album.

“’Calico’ makes me feel like it’s the 90’s,” guitarist Jaime Hazerian says. “It was written so close to when we went into the studio that there was very little attachment to it, but after we played the songs to our close circle everyone said it should be on the album—so we finished the song, and now that I listen back it’s definitely one of my favorites.”

Be the first to hear Risley’s “Calico” below! Meantime Fades is out July 2, and you can catch an early livestream of their release show on July 1 at 9 .m. via Crystal Ballroom’s Facebook and Instagram. More info here.