Regret Nothing with the Premiere of Deathlist's "Night Face Regretter"

Dark, gloomy, and hopeless are just a few words to describe how many of us are feeling right now.

With everything canceled indefinitely, it feels like we’ve lost control of our lives. But this isn’t a new feeling for everyone. Portland-based solo artist Jenny Logan, aka Deathlist, isn’t writing music to go with the melancholic quarantine times. The current emotional atmosphere just happens to match up with the heavy heart that Deathlist is already carrying. Her newest single “Night Face Regretter” is a synth-filled dream, with guitar distortion giving you nightmarish vibes. Deathlist sings robustly behind experimental post-punk effects, romanticizing her dark side, while everything is paired with a blurry and rosy video that turns your mind fuzzy.

And with an album coming out May 29 entitled You Won’t Be Here For Long, the message to embrace your woefulness is stronger than ever.

Watch the video for Deathlist’s “Night Face Regretter” below and fall in love with your own pit of despair.

Deathlist, “Night Face Regretter”