Realize the American Dream is a Hoax with The Black Black's "Careful On Your Way Out"

2020 has been the year to open your eyes and stop letting the oppressors shield you from the truth. The so-called “American Dream” is a lie and The Black Black know it and aren’t afraid to show it.

“Careful On Your Way Out,” the title track and first single off the Brooklyn band’s upcoming album, is a punchy punk rock protest anthem. If the song’s illuminating lyrics, sticky shreds on the electric guitar, and foreboding bass lines aren’t enough for you to realize the injustices of our country, then the music video makes it pretty clear.

The video is a black and white animation of a couple running from a cop fueled by hatred and drunk with power and greed. The officer destroys everything in his way while he chases the couple who end their run on a cliff having to choose between death by choice or death by oppression.

“Will you be complicit? Or will you fight the system that oppresses you to maintain the status quo, even though it formed you?” the song’s press release so ominously asked.

Be the first to watch The Black Black’s video for “Careful On Your Way Out” and keep your eyes peeled for their album of the same name coming out January 2021. Plus, they’ll be doing a live stream performance from the East Williamsburg Econo Lodge on bandNada Saturday, Oct. 10—make sure to tune in.

The Black Black, “Careful On Your Way Out”