Radiator King Gets Intimate In Acoustic Recording of "Out In The Night"

Using his acoustic guitar to emphasize the vulnerability and intimacy at the core of his songs, Adam Silvestri—aka Radiator King—truly warms you up with “Out In The Night.”

From Silvestri’s newest album Unborn Ghosts (available here!), “Out In The Night” was written during an emotional breakup. Though his heart was falling apart, he couldn’t help but feel intensely grateful for having this person be a part of his life at all. This song was written to help muster the inner strength one required to move forward in life without someone you love.

“It can be tough to begin a new chapter when this person you’ve shared so much with is absent, but it’s an important step,” he says. “The impact you have on each other is enduring and it shapes who you are, hopefully in a positive way.”

Complete with classic piano, standup bass, acoustic guitar, and smooth bluesy vocals, “Out In The Night” melodically makes you lovesick and hopeful all at once. Recorded in Brooklyn’s Vibromonk Studios, the music’s emotion in evident with each passionate note.

Watch the live studio session below and your heart will hum right along.

Radiator King, “Out In The Night” (Live @ Vibromonk)