Proper Nouns Addresses an Existential Crisis in New Indie Pop Track "Post Everything"

Proper Nouns, the project of artist Spencer Compton, does more than just lay down extra-catchy indie rock beats. The newest single “Post Everything” dives deep into a very new existential crisis the world is going through with lives being constantly posted about online.

“‘Post Everything’ is about obsessions with authenticity, uniqueness, originality, and icon worship,” Compton says. “We frame these with genres, periods, categories, styles, each with their own protagonists and success stories, but there’s so often a commodified tinge to it all—today, declaring yourself in one way or another is so important, although what does it mean for emancipation to be turned into just another commodity with inflated exchange value?”

Basically, “Post Everything’s” underlying question is if the internet attention is really worth it or is it just another path towards losing yourself. Though the question sounds like a heavy subject, the track is an upbeat melody that makes you want to keep it on repeat. With riveting instrumentation and vocal buildups paired along with Compton’s chanting vocals, “Post Everything” helps you approach this existential crisis in a hopeful way.

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