Priestess Evolves to Reverend Mother & Releases Debut Seven-Inch

Metal bands tend to stay within their world of fellow metal bands. It can feel intimidating at times to try and catch a live metal show or ask about current metal bands because metal is very much a scene where you have to be in the know—and if you don’t know, you’re a poser.

But not anymore with Reverend Mother. This NYC trio is here to take your hand and guide you fearlessly into the world of metal rock ‘n’ roll.

New York-native Jackie Green’s project started as Priestess, but within the past several weeks has announced its rebirth as Reverend Mother. Sinister and cult-like in its new moniker, Reverend Mother is not the kind of metal band that denies anyone the satisfaction of the genre. This debut seven-inch with the Fuzz cover of “Let It Live” and the original track “The  Muse” is infused with garage and psych-rock. Reverend Mother showers you in heavy metal riffs, distortion, fuzz, and echoing vocals that terrifyingly wrap around you, yet soothes you all at once.

“It was an honor to record the Fuzz song ‘Let it Live.’ I’ve loved Fuzz for years, and Charles Moothart’s guitar playing was a great motivator for me when I started playing guitar a few years ago—he’s one of my favorite guitarists around,” Green says. “‘The Muse’ was written in quarantine, and serves as the first part in a trilogy of songs written in quarantine that I plan to record and release at a later time—all three are a trip, set off by ‘The Muse.'”

Be the first to listen to Reverend Mother’s newest seven-inch below and purchase your own through the band’s Instagram here. Plus, start limbering up your necks now to headbang to the upcoming self-titled EP, out soon!