Premiering Warren Dunes' Newest Track "Just Another Band From Warren Dunes"

Completely instrumental (sans the occasional “ooos” and “aaahs”), “Just Another Band From Warren Dunes” gets you feeling all kinds of ways.

Melodically indie and instrumentally experimental, Warren Dunes has created a track that can’t be pigeonholed into any genre. From the upcoming album Get Well Soon, out March 19, this track shows a funkier side to the trio.

Warren Dunes keys player and vocalist Julia Massey says the song blossomed from one of the students she’s been teaching remotely. She and the student are both musicophiles, so they use that subject to keep things rolling during the lesson. One day they started talking about Frank Zappa and Massey got inspired.

“Naturally, Frank Zappa came up because he and his dad are huge fans, and at some point, I learned that one of Zappa’s albums was called Just Another Band From LA, which I found funny and humbling that someone of Zappa’s personality and talent would give an entire record such a mundane name,” Massey says. “We even considered calling this [upcoming] album Just Another Band From Warren Dunes but Get Well Soon seemed more appropriate—that said, this tune is the one we think Frank would have tolerated the most, so we gave him an homage for the last song on the record.”

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