Premiering Thurlowood's Appropriately Apocalyptic Music Video for "Shells"

Fierce piano and vintage end-of-the-world scenarios are all you need right now.

Thurlowood goes back in time to the 1951 educational children’s film Duck and Cover by the U.S. Office of Civil Defense. The video showing kids to “duck and cover” in the case of a nuclear attack is given an extra somber and shocking feel set to Thurlowood’s “Shell.”

“It’s inspired by true events from history that show us how we are all just teetering on the edge of apocalypse,” Andrew Wood, aka Thurlowood, tells BTRtoday about the song and the upcoming album Discontinue Normal Progam (out April 10).

Wood says the entire record revolves around “doomsday themes” and even though it coincides perfectly with the current times, he actually didn’t do that on purpose. His dark and hopeless apocalyptic piano-centric indie tunes have been predicting the end since they were written.

“I couldn’t have imagined even a few weeks ago that these new songs would be coming out in the midst of the current crisis,” he says. “I know many are understandably turning to more comforting culture these days in music, television, etc., but, well, that’s not the record I made—that being said, there is a lining of hope in considering the everyday decisions we make and actions we take.”

Watch the video for “Shells” by Thurlowood below and start building that bunker.