Premiering The Title Track from Stoner Control's Upcoming Album 'Sparkle Endlessly'

Pop-punk is always melodically emotional in an in-your-face kind of way. But Stoner Control is looking for a simple kind of love that doesn’t include all the emotional messiness.

Inspired by a trip to The Oregon Zoo singer/guitarist Charles Williams took with his niece a few years ago, “Sparkle Endlessly” expresses a basic connection every living creature yearns for, but humans tend to make the most difficult. We all want intimacy and to care for one another—animals do it instinctively, but for us humans, it’s always more complicated. The classic pop-punk guitar riffs and hard-hitting drums bursting between catchy choruses in “Sparkle Endlessly” convey that thought.

“We watched the chimpanzees do that thing where they pick out the bugs from each other’s hair—to me it seemed like a very caring and selfless thing to do, which led me to reflect on how complicated human connection and human relationships can be,” Williams says. “How, sometimes, I pine for the kind of simplicity and beauty that animals experience.”

Below, here the title track to Stoner Control’s upcoming album Sparkle Endlessly, out March 19—pre-order here!

Stoner Control · 3. Sparkle Endlessly