Premiering the Sophomore EP from Cult-Rock Trio Programmique

Brooklyn art-punk experimental rock trio Programmique is here to heal your feelings of loss and loneliness. You just have to expose yourself to the self-satisfying spectacle that is their newest EP.

Hypnotic and transcendental, A Reintroduction To Programmique isn’t just four tracks of instruments and vocals laying down a melody—it’s a disciplined routine that uses music to free your mind, body, and soul. The weight of the wold is heavier than usual these days, and Programmique will provide the peace you need to survive and excel in life and beyond.

The trio, aka the Programmique party leaders, describe the musical journey they created as, “a jittery archive of the past seen through a cracked mirror.”

Be the first to Listen to Programmique’s A Reintroduction To Programmique below. Don’t be afraid to join the cult.