Premiering the Lyric Video for Jack Symes' "Wait"

From his upcoming album Tompkins Park, Jack Symes expresses a lovesick exploring heart with this epic singer-songwriter track “Wait.”

The song is about following your heart to a new city, in Symes’ case from Los Angeles to New York. The journey is scary but feels exciting. Your heart is constantly racing and you’re courageously putting yourself out there, but eventually, can’t help but feel lost. Slow and intimate, “Wait” is a sweet indie track that feels relatable to anyone who’s worn their heart on their sleeve intentionally or not. With slow strums of the guitar, sticky sweet backing vocals, and even a heart-wrenching brass section, “Wait” is as melodically catchy as it is emotional.

“[‘Wait’] has to do with accepting things as they are and to release yourself from that desire to control,” Symes says. “The whole song is a fairly accurate portrayal of my struggle to find my footing in New York after moving on a whim and also dealing with some hardships in a new, intimate relationship.”

Sing along below and be the first to hear Jack Symes’ “Wait” from Tompkins Park out March 26!

Jack Symes, “Wait” (lyric video)