Premiering The Bottom Dollars' Activist Short Film for the Song "Weapon"

Brooklyn-native rockers The Bottom Dollars wrote “Weapon” after the death of Eric Garner. The lyrics and melody seemed to pour out as the continued devastation of Black lives blasted on every media wave.

Now, as the Black Lives Matter movement pushes harder than ever to be heard, The Bottom Dollars partnered with activist filmmaker Cherrye J. Davis to create a short film/music video for “Weapon” that intends to open the mind of viewers.

“[Eric Garner’s] story is repeated every single day with a new name, a new scene—we must find a way to change the reality of those adversely affected by a system that will ruin Black lives for the sake of financial gain, a system that spreads hate,” bassist Chris Urriola tells BTRtoday. “The system is going down and we hope this song contributes to its inevitable destruction.”

In classic NYC garage indie style, the song deeply intrigues any listener—first from its driving melodies, then from its passionate lyrics. Though sternly singing about societal injustices, The Bottom Dollars are able to steer clear of sounding preachy or self-righteous. The short film encourages you to educate yourself, listen, ask questions, and never cultivate hatred.

Be the first to watch and listen below.

The Bottom Dollars, “Weapon”