Premiering The Accidentals Live Ann Arbor Folk Festival Performance of "Might As Well Be Gold"

Live music is slowly making its comeback, but it can’t get here fast enough.

Indie-folk rockers The Accidentals are helping satisfy that live music craving with the release of the “Might As Well Be Gold” live performance for the Ann Arbor Folk Festival. Its melody is warm and soothing with shimmering percussions and violins twinkling around you. The vocals wrap around you like a big comfy hug and make your heart flutter. Toss in the fact that it’s a live show just like the good ol’ pre-COVID days, and it makes you feel like everything is okay—and maybe even normal—for those few minutes.

“Prior to COVID-19, we recorded most of our music at the pace of a day and a half per song, [so] coming off of the road and having more time made us wonder, ‘what if we had a whole week to work on a tune?'” harmony vocalist/electric cellist Katie Larson says.

“‘Might As Well Be Gold’ was the song that really kept us grounded—it’s about finding gratitude when things aren’t ideal,” lead vocalist/ acoustic guitarist Sav Buist adds.

“Might As Well Be Gold” is the third single from The Accidentals upcoming EP, TIME OUT (Sessions 1), out May 7. Become part of the audience and be the first to watch the tracks live at the Ann Arbor Folk Festival video below.