Premiering Tall Juan's Breezy Cumbia-Inspired Track "Rocio"

If you’ve been following this Buenos Aires-born New York-based punk rocker, then it’s no news that Tall Juan has been diving into his family roots for creative inspiration. He started off with a 1970’s NYC street punk vibe and has now transitioned fully into Cumbia dance party style music—which is still in the spirit of punk rock if you ask me.

He’s been playing cumbia live for a while now, and last year he released the seven-inch Tall Juan Plays Cumbia, featuring covers of two classic cumbia songs. Now that he’s proven to the world that he’s got the rhythm for more than just fast and raw one-minute punk songs, he’s coming out with his own album of cumbia songs May 11, entitled Atlantico.

Tall Juan’s sophomore full-length Atlantico, though completely different than his debut album Olden Goldies from 2017, still has that romanticism in each track that he can’t help but convey. You’ll dance along to classic South American and African-influenced instrumentation, while Tall Juan sings emotionally in Spanish and even Portuguese.

Though “Rocio,” the first single to come from Atlantico, lacks punk rock distortion, it beautifully bursts with love and free-spiritedness using colorful melodies to make your feet non-stop cha-cha and your hips sway like the salsa. You can’t help letting your worries melt away when you listen to this track.

Fun cumbia dance music is needed now more than ever during these stressful and uncertain times. So listen to “Rocio” below and keep your hips swaying and ears open for Atlantico, being self-released May 11.