Premiering Talk Bazaar's Video for "In The Black"

Emotional and melodic, Talk Bazaar embraces you with a lovely indie tune about processing life.

“In the Black” is about that place you go to when you close your eyes. The melancholic melody feels heavy, yet comforting. Gettting lost within your own mind can be scary—it’s not always good in there. But it can also help you process the feelings that are lingering around that dark space between your eyelids.

“I really channeled my early-2000’s indie kid on this one [and] had a lot of fun exploring this dark space with only acoustic guitar, a Moog Sub Phatty, and a super simple drum kit,” frontman Alex Desimine says. “Initially, this song wasn’t going to be included on the album, but it really grew on me over time. Not to mention I love what Jake brought to this recording from a mixing perspective. Lyrically speaking, this song also goes back to my adolescent self, specifically, my grappling with the expectations of all those who raised and supported me, and where my personal desires fit into that picture.”

From the upcoming album Oceanic—out June 17 on Paper Moon Records (pre-order here)—be the first to watch Talk Bazaar’s video for “In the Black” below.