Premiering Stephie James' New Track "These Days"

Music is how the heart communicates. Your heart swoons to certain melodies. Even though you may not understand why it’s throbbing for a certain type of song, it is.

In the current state of the world, tensions are high and the fight for justice is undeniable. Though hearts are strained right now and many tears are being shed while passionate protesters fight for what’s right, you need to find your heart song. It’s a time when you need a melody that will keep you going strong.

Stephie James has found hers and is sharing it with the world today. “These Days”—the title track from the upcoming EP out Sept.18—oozes with sentiment and is universally relatable—it may end up being the melody that keeps your heart from giving up. Inspired by the constantly changing neighborhoods of her hometown in Detroit, James uses melodic guitar picking to convey an ambiguous longing.

Whatever you’re longing for or whatever song your heart is seeking, listen to Stephie James’ new track “These Days” below and follow her on Spotify.


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