Premiering Speaker Face's Emotional Single "All My Mind"

Speaker Face blends experimental mix of traditional Irish folk, electronica, and indie rock providing an extremely unique sound. The Candian trio’s single debuting below hits you in all the right ways—emotionally and musically.

“All My Mind” is a track that pulls from humanity’s collective conscience. The song’s intricate instrumentation is accompanied by vocals seeping simultaneously with hopefulness and desperation. It fills your whole being with a strong air of relatability. Whether you connect to the melancholy lyrics or not, this song grabs listeners and attaches itself to the mind and soul.

“My favorite song on the album is ‘All My Mind,’” says Speaker Face’s Trent Freeman. “The painful lyrics, the minimal beat, the release in the middle … they all hit me the right way.”

Crescent is out Oct. 9 (pre-order here!), but be the first to listen to “All My Mind” below and prepare yourself for some robust emotional insight.

Fanatic Promotion · Speaker Face – All My Mind