Premiering Sofia Quinn's Delicately Dark Pop Song "It Was Always You"

Love can be so strong that even when you know it’s wrong, you continue holding on. That’s exactly what pop musician Sofia Quinn says in her newest single “It Was Always You.”

Having worked with the likes of pop stars as Kiana Ledé, JoJo, Lost Kings, CXLOE, and INNA, it’s no surprise that “It Was Always You” is bursting with delightful pop melodies. Filled with energy and harmonies that will rattle your soul, the track takes a heartbreaking situation that’s all too familiar with anyone who’s been in love and puts it into a melody that’s sure to be this year’s go-to summer anthem.

“It’s about trying to let go and move on from a relationship that feels like it’s still haunting you—even when you don’t want to, you find yourself coming back,” Quinn says. “Instead of the phrase, ‘it was always you,’ being romanticized the way it usually is, in this context it is actually about the negative impact this person has had on you.”

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