Premiering SoCal Pop-Punk Rockers Wilder.'s Second Single "See Through"

The duo Stephen Ramos and Nick Sturz, aka Wilder., are coming in hot with their second single “See Through.” With its high energy and emotional eruptions, this song is a must-listen for the coming summer.

Straight to the point with music that slaps you in the face, this song thrashes hard with pop-punk melodies and catchy vocals that are extremely relatable. “See Through” thrusts you into a situation we’re all too familiar with—in the midst of a confrontation where the opposing side shows zero empathy.

“‘See Through’ is about seeing people for who they truly are: people that put up a facade and act like they have it all together,” says Ramos. “Nick and I have both experienced people in our lives who have tried to have a say in how we live—people who we have once confided in who have now shown their true colors [and] people who we thought fought for other humans but are really just in it for themselves. This song is a shout-out to let those people know we truly don’t give a shit about what they have to say anymore.”

A refreshing blast of pop-punk, be the first to listen to “See Through” by Wilder below.