Premiering Shadow Monster's Epic One-Shot Video for "Kill Me Sweetie"

Sometimes you need to purge all those pent-up feelings. You feel like you’re going to explode, so you scream into your pillow or run into the night with no destination in mind. Shadow Monster’s video for “Kill Me Sweetie” captures this human reaction, pairing its melody to somber visuals.

Instantly kicking off with a distraught scene, the video starts with a view of the city in the twilight of sunset. It then pans to a lonely Shadow Monster frontwoman Gillian Visco sitting on the ground drinking from a paper-bagged beer before breaking into impassioned choreography.

The track’s garage rock riffs and walls of distortion cloud your thoughts, while Visco’s passionate vocals create a lump in your throat. All the nerves being danced out in the video and the desperation for emotional release instantly latch on. You can’t help but relate.

“‘Kill Me Sweetie’ is a song about yearning for the knot in your stomach to untie itself—it’s about going through the motions when everything you see makes you shake your head,” Visco says. “I wanted the color palette in the video to reflect that bleak and dull feeling of nullity [and] I was thrilled to get to work with Cade Weidenhaft to bring this vision to life through a one-shot aesthetic.”

The duo is currently working on another album slated to come out later this year. The video for “Kill Me Sweetie,” meanwhile, will be the last release from their 2019 album Punching Bag—be the first to watch it below!